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Civilian CD release show plus Doug the Pedal Guru's Web of Rock

May 19th, 2012

I”m so excited for our brothers in rock, Civilian, on their CD release. Just finished the first listen and the album is impossible to forget. The lyrics are hard to swallow, particularly after singing along to every song, and the guitar work is chock-full of rich harmonic complications and throaty neck pickups. And our very own Nick Nardone leaves nothing to the bass imagination with thick bass drive and killer lines. I”m very proud to own this album.

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For those who have now decided not to buy the album because of my review, here is an alternate one:

This album sounds like Buffalo Gun.

The net has been cast. Bring it in Civilian. And you”re welcome for the second review. It”s a gold mine.

Also, coming in second place in the battle of the bands last night was Kyle Cox and the Last Shots (super solid band). They were tied for first but forfeited the trophy because I made it in time for just the last song Sur la majorite des machine a sous , les rouleaux ont disparu. (sorry guys), but it was just enough rock to make me throw up the patacones from Que Rico in my mouth a little…in a good way.  Kyle, great work brother, and next time I”m hoping for the second attempt at the fireballs-shooting-out-the-sleeves trick.

In more fantastic news, Doug the Pedal Guru has a site up and everyone must check it out.  For those of you who are not familiar with this blog, this is the guy I talk about constantly.  He makes unbelievable guitar pedals (bass players be on standby, he likes you too) and I”m so excited to get to play music through his electronics (no innuendo to find there).  I love stomping on his stuff (read into that however you wish…Buffalo Gun NUT STOMP!!!).



Next update…recording timeline and when YOU can expect The Ugly.  You”ve been warned…

Thirsty for More

May 6th, 2012

Thanks again to h2o and Henrietta, We Were Wolves and Diesel and Dixie for coming together for a great Orlando night. What a great way to dust off the good and bad stuff and debut some new tunes! And as always, thanks On peut trouver des casino en ligne bonus qui acceptent des montants qui commencent d’un dollar. to Orange Blossom Pilsner for consistently being..well…OBP.

We also cannot thank all those who came out to rock. Nick, Stephen and I are so proud to have all of you in our sights, and that night”s steaming pile of rock and roll we left for you is the least we could do.

Can”t wait to track the Ugly. Next week, Costa Rica for a week. Once again, many thanks to all our friends.


April 6th, 2012

BUFFALO FRIENDS!!! The Time Is Rock!!!

Tonight (Friday April 6th) is finally here, and your fate has been decided for you. Next stop…Buffalo Gun’s all-you-care-to-eat rock and roll buffet, where you will consume large quantities of awesome until you eventually choke on your own vomit.

Still not sure if you’re going to make it? Enjoy the rest of your life…with no friends.

This is our first show in over a year, and by golly, we need your face to watch us wet our whistles. We even practiced for this one!

Remember to say OBP at the door for discount admission, and there are three other great bands on the roster starting at 8pm (Henrietta, We Were Wolves and Diesel N Dixie) with Buffalo Gun finishing fatality-style with a brutal set starting at 11pm. We’ve even included a cover of a rap song written by the famous Jewish rap group The Beastie Boys for Passover.

We can’t wait to entertain you, and it really is such an honor to get to be a part of your Friday.

You’ve been warned…


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